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Silent Disco Yoga for Weddings, Private Events & Retreats

Silent Disco Yoga involves practicing yoga whilst immersing yourself in music played through wireless headphones. The class is led by a yoga teacher who is talking into a wireless microphone and whose voice can be heard over the music in your headphones.

The instructor’s voice connects with each student and it just drops right into your soul. People really dial into themselves and tune out everything else.   Yoga classes can be intimidating, people judge themselves and others. Silent Disco yoga allows for an intimate, cool connection with self.


Get in the best shape of your life

Learn how to meditate

Alleviate family and spouse-to-be tension

Balance wedding planning and daily life

Compassionately address jealousy, sibling rivalry,
and bridesmaid stress

Relieve jet lag

Deal with advice from everyone you know

Embrace the changes in your lives as a soon-to-be married couple

Let go of the past and the life you led as a single person

Destress mentally and physically

Connect positively with those around you

Develop a positive outlook about money throughout the wedding planning process

Remember what this beautiful day is about

Help children transition happily and be included in the big day