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The Sweet Spot

a yoga place
yoga & wellness for all


Building community through yoga, health, and wellness

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The Sweet Spot - a Yoga Place, an inspiration built from a career in the corporate wine business. I began practicing yoga and meditation during the stressful times in my work and family life.  It has been a lifelong journey to share my expertise and passion for yoga, meditation, and breathwork while also curating corporate health and wellness experiences. I'm a certified Yoga Teacher, health and wellness enthusiast, compassionate leader, community-centric inspirer, and innovative and world-class curator. I strive to create memorable experiences and community for people through all things yoga, health, and wellness.




New research shows a regular practice can improve your brain structure and function.

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5 reasons why you should try yoga and the best yoga mat and yoga accessories you'll need

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So if you've been thinking about starting or continuing with your yoga practice, here are nine awesome and practical reasons men should do more yoga:

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